Restaurant Review #14: Palms Restaurant, Thai Town

Palms Restaurant is home to the famous Thai Elvis. Frankly, I think he's a pain. I just want to eat my yummy authentic Thai dinner, and the entertainment, combined with the long family-style tables, lends a loud, chaotic carnival atmosphere to the restaurant.

The food rocks though, and you have to try the palm juice. It tastes like drinking a sugar cookie. Amazing. (It should be noted that the palm juice sold at nearby Silom Market is not as good, either because it's a different brand or because it's out of context when you drink it at home, so I wouldn't bother buying any.)

On a Saturday night, you may wait for 30-45 minutse for a table at Palms, so arrive early or pick a less popular night.

Their website is worth a look--it's nicely put together and includes a menu.

Palms Thai
5900 Hollywood Blvd., Ste B
Los Angeles,CA 90028
Lunch 11am - 5pm
Dinner 5pm - 2am
Palms Thai on Urbanspoon

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