Indian Food Research Conclusions

Lunch special at India's Sweets and Spices

Akbar Cuisine of India: mango lassis that are dyed with food coloring and about to go bad, unfriendly service, not bad flavor in the main dishes but their selection of 8 vegetarian dishes left a lot to be desired in terms of variety unless you love potatoes.

All India Cafe: Mysteriously overrated. Stay away from the bland palak paneer.

Ambala Dhaba: Nice atmosphere, but only a couple of notches above the healthy Indian places in terms of flavor. Bland samosas, watery tamarind chutney, small portions, blender noises.

Annapurna Cuisine: The best. Inexpensive daily vegetarian lunch buffet allows you to try many different delectable dishes.

Dhaba Cuisine of India: Nice atmosphere, terrible acoustics, totally unexciting Indian food with a Californian twist. I think it's the California part that kills their food, though they have apparently been around for 30 years.

Gate of India
: Atmosphere might be nice if not for the neon sign in the window that casts a red glow over a decent part of the restaurant. Rude service. Food wasn't bad but didn't impress me. Still, I'd go here over Akbar, Pradeeps, or Dhaba.

India's Tandoori: Good for takeout, but why is the chutney so green?

Jaipur Cuisine of India: I've only had takeout, so not sure about the atmosphere, but the food was delicious and the tamarind chutney wasn't watery, finally!

Nawab of India: Pricey, small portions, and small lunch buffet. However, I think this is my second favorite place in terms of flavor. Nice atmosphere with tablecloths and candles. Will win future visits from me.

Pradeeps: The light cooking completely kills the flavor.

Shan Halal: Not a restaurant, just a sweets and meats shop and small grocery store. Great service, but I think better sweets are elsewhere (though I don't yet know where).

Udupi Palace: Good service, food had potential although I wasn't totally thrilled with what I ordered. See Little India review.

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Moonchilde said...

Leaving out Annapurna (which I don't care for), I totally agree with Jaiput and Nawab being 1-2 on my list as well, and also agree about the rude service at Gate of India. An interesting menu, but they can't wait for you to leave - it's as if they really don't want any customers. Go figure.