Restaurant Review #236: Daphne's Greek Cafe, Westwood

Creative Commons licensed Flickr photo by Made in Neverland

Imagine a Greek version of Baja Fresh and you’ve got Daphne’s Greek Café. Don’t be fooled by the “café” moniker; there may be tables outside, but this is not a nice, breezy sidewalk café. Sure, the food is tasty, quick and affordable, but the atmosphere is only slightly above fast-food. Indeed, they even offer “meal deals” like you might find at McDonald’s (alas, you cannot Super-Size your gyro). You’ll order at a counter and then if you dine in you’ll go find a table (or maybe you’ll go to the soda fountain first, if you’ve ordered a drink). Your food will be brought to you shortly. Like most all Westwood eateries, the place is loud and lacking any sort of peaceful vibe. However, for a quick meal at a good price, you could do worse.

Daphne’s Greek Café
10889 Lindbrook
Los Angeles, CA 90024
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Daphne's Greek Cafe website
Daphne's Greek Cafe menu


Sree said...

I agree that Daphne's is good for what it is: a quick-service Greek place. I was a little annoyed once when this particular Daphne's ran out of white meat chicken (I try to avoid dark meat chicken for health reasons) but the manager then gave me a free coupon for a later meal -- which I thought was a really nice gesture.

Dexter said...

Thanks for the post! As a current restaurant employee, it’s always nice to learn of new places to eat and drink from people that appreciate the industry. I’ve noticed there are a lot of different reviewers out there today… almost too many to follow. I found an insightful blog post on this topic called “Do Reviewers Really Matter?” and thought I’d share.