Restaurant Review #153: Donuts and Delites, Van Nuys

Donuts and Delites sells the best donuts I have ever eaten. While their ordinary donuts are nothing to get excited about, the ridged donuts you see here taste like they're made from a completely different batter. Either the batter or the shape of this donut is responsible for a treat that is more moist, more gooey, and somehow simultaneously both denser and lighter than an ordinary donut. Take your pick of chocolate, strawberry, maple, or white icing. I like the white icing best because it's not as sickeningly sweet as strawberry and because, well, chocolate and maple aren't my thing. Cost for a dozen donuts and two 16 ounce bottles of milk? A reasonable $8.

Maybe I just haven't been paying attention all these years, but I've never seen a donut like this before. I'm in love.

Donuts and Delites
14350 Victory Blvd. #1
Van Nuys, CA 91401
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elmomonster said...

I generally hate donuts, but that photo got me salivating!

Anonymous said...

Did you move to the Valley (low area between hills)?

Bandini said...

you've inspired me to go out for donuts tommorrow morning

mmm donuts.

Foodie Universe said...

Anonymous--I wanted to expand the scope of my site, so I've been trying to visit restaurants in other parts of the city. I'd like to strike more of a balance and not be as westside-centric.

Elmo--you hate donuts? No comprendo.

Bandini--you inspired me to start eating tacos, which has enriched my life and my wallet.

Melanie said...

That's a cruller - one of my favorite donuts - and they *are* made with a different type of batter. Yummy. Great photo!