Restaurant Review #172: Lotous Boba & Tonic, Northridge - CLOSED

Ah, suburbia. Nothing but a bunch of big boxes to shop and eat at, and nothing better for a teenager to do than hang out at the local coffee or boba shop. Accordingly, Northridge's Lotous is filled with ebullient teens, a few of whom are studying but most of whom are flirting, laughing, shrieking, and mocking each other. If you're over 18 or so, you'll probably feel compelled grab your drink and bolt.

What sets Lotous apart from other boba chains is the tremendous amount of sugar in their drinks. This can be good or bad, depending on what you and your teeth are in the mood for. As always, my favorite is the glowing green honeydew, but Lotous's version alternates between tasting heavenly and chemically. Really, it can't help but be both.

In addition to (fake) fruity drinks, they also sell a variety of teas and ballpark food. This isn't the most appetizing combination, but it makes sense given the clientele--kids can satisfy their junk food cravings while their parents sip on something more health-conscious and less intense.

Lotous Boba & Tonic
19500 Plummer St. #F6 (near Northridge Fashion Center)
Northridge, CA 91324
Lotous Website
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