Restaurant Review #175, Tacos Worth Begging For: Tacos Por Favor, Santa Monica

Al pastor and asada tacos

You plunge your hand into the paper bag and fumble amidst the tortilla chips for your foil packet prize. The metal scorches your fingertips, and you know it will be worse on the inside, where steam and grease will add to the pain. But this is no time for self-restraint.

You huddle in your car, which you've parked on a dark freeway bridge because there is no parking lot at the taco mecca. You don't have time to eat in, but to consume these tacos through the haze of driving would be blasphemy. Eating in your parked car is a viable compromise. Beemers and beater trucks whoosh past and you ponder the strangeness of this busy yet desolate spot. Headlights whiz by underneath you as you try to tame your empty belly at a slow enough pace that you actually taste what you consume. If you don't pace yourself, you'll all too soon be left with nothing but a fiery tongue tip and greasy prints on the steering wheel.

No, you must slow down and experience the marinade, the char, the chew, and that orgy of meat, tortilla, and sauce. Surely this is the most perfect sustenance ever conceived. Enjoy this moment, because in five minutes it will be a memory.

Asada taco

Tacos Por Favor
1408 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA
They deliver! $7.00 minimum order, $1.50 delivery charge
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8AM-8PM, Sun. 9AM-5PM
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Chubbypanda said...

Panda want tacos! Tacos yum~!

- Chubbypanda

Bandini said...

don't forget to try the chorizo and cheese taco next time :)

it sounds gross but it's soooo good.

eatdrinknbmerry said...

I love the chorizo and cheese tacos there. Juicy! Bandini took the words out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

they deliver??? can they deliver to taipei??? j/k

i will totally try these when i'm back in LA very very soon!!!!

888 said...
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Guida said...

Omg! i think i'll go to eat something good right now :)

acai berry said...

doesn't look very good but im sure it tastes good. i would give it a try

merle92592 said...

Just left there and I will return soon. That was the best Mexican food I have had in a very long time.