Restaurant Review #182: Big Sugar Bakeshop, Studio City

Big Sugar Bakeshop is a tiny new bakery on crazy-busy Ventura Boulevard in Studio City. It's so small you'll miss it if you're driving by at more than five miles per hour, but unless it's two in the morning, you probably won't be going much faster. The bakery has no parking, so you'll need to fight the masses for a meter on Ventura or a free spot on a nearby side street.

Chocolate cupcake

I stopped by the place hoping to satisfy a cake craving and pick up a gift for a co-worker. I sort of accomplished my mission. The display case offered no more than 20 items, far fewer than I expected from viewing their website (their menu is longer than what you see on display--I should have asked about that). They had three cupcakes, so I got one of each. I wasn't terribly impressed by them and didn't think they were worth $3 apiece. They were lightweight (I guess for $3 I wanted a dense cupcake) and the cake part was dry. The icing was superb, however--light, fluffy, and not too sweet. I had to whip up my own batch of buttercream frosting afterwards to finish off a craving induced by the vanilla cupcake. (Yes, my eating habits completely revolve around my cravings.) There aren't any tables, so don't expect to dine in. They have ribbon if you need your item to look gifty, but their packaging doesn't even begin to compare to Boule's (though their pricing does). The cupcake boxes have nifty cupcake holders to keep your cupcakes from sliding into each other on the drive home.

Vanilla cupcake

The gift selection was adequate, but could use more options. Right now, you can purchase well-designed cards for about $4.50 each, flavored gourmet honeys, obscenely priced tins of hot chocoloate (yours for only $22.50!), Kschocolate bars for $4.50, butterscotch sauce for ice cream, designer cloth napkins, mugs, luxurious hand lotions, and various other items.

If you're a cupcake aficionado, be sure to check out the newly launched Cupcake Finder LA.

Big Sugar Bakeshop
12182 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
Tue-Sat 10am - 6pm
Sun 11am - 5pm
Closed Mon.


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