Restaurant Review #107: Lollicup, Saawtelle, West LA - CLOSED

Lollicup is, as far as I can tell, the largest chain boba shop in the country. For this reason, I intentionally avoided it for the first year and a half or so that I lived here.

But then, Volcano Tea started serving boba that wasn't quite fresh. And Upper House only serves those huge cups, and has a somewhat limited flavor selection. So I tried Lollicup.

Lollicup offers both a regular and a large size. They have an extensive selection of flavors and textures (by textures, I mean snow, slush, tea, etc). They also sell steamed pork buns, a couple of pastries, soda, coffee, pudding, and prepackaged Japanese snacks like Pocki and shrimp crackers. There are three booths in the back, three tables in the front, and four amazingly uncomfortable tables outside.

They have free WiFi (which works just fine at the outside tables). There is a community bulletin board, mostly promoting area nightlife and helping people sell services from English lessons to voice lessons. Like any place with a blender, it's noisy, and not a place where I would want to hang out and chat. The loud and very repetitive pop music makes matters even worse.

Lollicup offers some less common flavors like watermelon and canteloupe, and with the exception of one visit, the boba has always been fresh and my drink prepared with the proper ratio of liquid to ice. I won't try to tell you which flavors are good and which aren't, because it's really a matter of personal preference, but I am partial to taro and canteloupe. It should be noted that though the menu has separate sections for slush/icy and snow/smoothie, there doesn't seem to be any difference in the way they are prepared.

Lollicup is consistent, at the very least, and though the ambience can range from okay to barely tolerable, it's no worse and probably somewhat better than the other options on Sawtelle.

2012 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Website (with menu)
Mon-Thur 11am-midnight
Fri, Sat 11am-1am
Sun noon-11pm

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