My Favorite Weekend

Erin of Erin's Kitchen is hosting an ongoing event where she asks bloggers to contribute a list of the restaurants that they most enjoy dining at over the course of a weekend. Her series is in response to the LA Times column of the same name which, in her opinion, has sub-par recommendations from sub-par sources. This week it's my turn to give my real recommendations from a real Angeleno.

I've eaten at around 200 restaurants in Los Angeles, which makes picking my top five quite a challenge. It also means that you'd be hard-pressed to go wrong with these choices.

Shishito peppers, shiitake mushrooms and shaved bonito at Kiriko

Friday dinner: I've eaten many a meal at Kiriko, and the food and service have never let me down. This cozy, quiet Sawtelle sushi joint is one of my favorite places to enjoy sake, sushi, and homemade ice cream.

Saturday lunch: Head over to India's Sweets and Spices for cheap, filling, delicious Indian food and a seemingly endless selection of desserts.

Saturday dinner: My ideal (but unlikely) Saturday night meal would be an all-out, four hour meal-to-remember at Melisse. It's so cost prohibitive that I've only been once, but their flawless French cuisine is some of the best food in the city. In addition to the food, an unpretentious staff, excellent wine pairings, and a relaxed atmosphere make this the perfect upscale restaurant.

Sunday lunch: I like my weekends to be as stress-free as possible, so for Sunday lunch I'd choose a meal that's cheap, filling, and delicious in a restaurant where I won't have to deal with reservations, parking hassles, or tables that are too close together. Mi Casita Salvadorena fits the bill (and my wallet, after a night at Melisse). For around $10 I can fill up on sweet corn tamales and beef empanadas.

Carnitas tacos from Taqueria Emanuel

Sunday dinner: I like to stay home on Sundays, so I'd grab some tacos to go at Taqueria Emanuel and chow down on the couch while watching That 70's Show reruns.

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