Restaurant Review #162: Sak's Teriyaki, Westwood

Teriyaki chicken breast bowl

As far as teriyaki places go, the only thing that stands out about Sak’s is the design of the restaurant: you enter through a tunnel-like hallway, place your order in the back, then return to the hallway to find a table. The layout, while odd and confusing at first, makes the restaurant pleasantly sheltered from the noise of always-busy Westwood, and the hallway tables get a nice cross breeze. There's also an indoor seating area, but it feels dingy and cramped.

The menu offers plenty of options, including potato croquettes (crispy, creamy, and delicious with a hint of carrot), gyoza (mediocre but the dipping sauce makes up for it), yakitori, spicy chicken, and even a mixed seafood plate. Despite all these options, the main draw at Sak's is the teriyaki.

I always order the large chicken breast bowl. I highly recommend that you eat at the restaurant (rather than getting takeout); the chicken is often on the dry side, but the restaurant provides bottles of teriyaki and hot sauce (apparently they will sell you, but not give you, extra sauce to go, which is discouraging and is why I say eat there, if possible). This way, you can drench your meal to your heart’s delight, which turns mediocre teriyaki into a juicy, sumptuous, affordable meal.
Sriracha and teriyaki sauce
Sometimes the staff brings your order to your table, sometimes they make you wait at the window to take it yourself, and sometimes they call your order number over the intercom—so far I haven’t been able to figure out why the process changes constantly. Perhaps they are understaffed some days. Either way, the wait is usually pretty brief, and the staff is always friendly. They have a $10 minimum order for credit cards, but will let you pay for meals under $10 with a debit card--sometimes. Bring cash.

Sak's Teriyaki
1121 Glendon Ave
Westwood, CA 90024

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joanh said...

at my previous job, the office would always "allow" you to order in food from the menu of the day so you had to sit at your desk during lunch (but you paid for your own lunch) and sak's was always one of the places. decent chicken teriyaki.. though i think new japan's food is better (at the same price range i think)