Restaurant Review #180: Hong Kong 88, Van Nuys

Kung pao chicken

I initially dismissed Hong Kong 88 since they serve sushi in addition to Chinese food and are willing to deliver sushi. That seemed to me like an glaring sign of a restaurant that didn't case about the quality of its food. Multiple recommendations on Chowhound's boards, however, convinced me to give them a shot.

Orange chicken

It's a good thing I listened, because Hong Kong 88 serves the best Chinese food in the area when compared to others I've tried: Joie Luck Kitchen, Bamboo Village, and Bamboo Cuisine. They use large pieces of high quality chicken, flavorful sauces, and vented plastic containers that keep fried items crispy and allow presentation and delivery to coexist.

Mongolian beef

Minced garlic adds kick to their orange chicken, and fresh bell peppers balance out an otherwise very meaty kung pao chicken. While the kung pao could use more heat, the thick hot and sour soup left me panting happily for a glass of milk. The beef didn't fare as well, since the meat was fatty.

Any place that can deliver steaming hot, mostly delicious food in 20 minutes on a Friday night will be getting a lot more business from me in the future.

Hong Kong 88
5658 Sepulveda Blvd. #101
Van Nuys, CA

Hong Kong 88 Menu

Free delivery within four miles and with $15 minimum order
Hong Kong 88 Chinese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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