Restaurant Review #263: Phoenix Bakery, Chinatown

Strawberry cake, $4.50

Chinatown's Phoenix Bakery isn't known for its Chinese pastries; it's beloved for its seemingly mundane fresh strawberry whipped cream cake, a fluffy white cake with fresh strawberries nestled into a lightweight whipped cream frosting. It's tasty, if not unique, and is ideal for those who dislike the cavity-inducing sweetness of your typical cake. You won't feel like a glutton after eating a piece, either. You can order it with or without a coating of sliced almonds.

This cake is popular for special occasions, but it doesn't slice neatly so it might not be right for a more formal affair. Phoenix Bakery does offer reasonably priced, some might even say inexpensive, wedding cakes.

Wintermelon cake, $2

The spacious bakery has tables if you'd prefer to eat your goodies on the premises. The service is friendly and fast; the prices aren't as cheap as you'd like them to be, especially for Chinatown, but they're still reasonable for baked goods. There's a $10 minimum if you want to pay with plastic.

Wintermelon cake

Skip the wintermelon cake. The scant wintermelon filling only has a dull sweetness.  The other pastries that look like it might have better fillings, but they wouldn't make up for the dense, doughy pastry that tastes like little more than shortening and flour.

They also sell ice cream mochi in the usual flavors--chocolate, green tea, strawberry, and mango. I was disappointed that they didn't have the durian mochi I saw on Yelp.

Phoenix Bakery
969 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 628-4642
Mon-Sun 9 am - 8 pm
Phoenix Bakery website

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La Belle said...

That look sooo good! Can't believe you can find authentic stinky Tofu!