Restaurant Review #258: First Szechuan Wok, Westwood

This Chinese restaurant is smaller than it looks from the outside, which only adds to the near-unbearable din inside. Most Westwood locations are too loud, but this place is particularly noisy. There’s nothing special about the atmosphere—cheesy d├ęcor, close tables, and poor lighting—and the service, while quick, isn’t particularly friendly. The food is passable Chinese; by no means is it fantastic, but if you’ve got a lunch hankering for orange chicken, it will satisfy your craving. Also, for the price, the portions are rather generous and you’re given free tea when you’re seated. The deal’s not bad, but the restaurant itself leaves a lot to be desired. You may be better off getting takeout.

First Szechuan Wok
10855 Lindbrook Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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