Restaurant Review #262: Headlines Diner, Westwood

Headlines has that true diner feel—the décor looks like it’s genuinely from the ‘50s, the place is noisy, bustling, and not sparkling clean, and the food is tastier than a fast-food joint. In fact, all that’s missing is a sassy, past-her-prime waitress named Flo to take your order. The food isn’t amazing, but it’s definitely good, and you’ll have a lot of options—Headlines has a rather extensive menu for a diner, so you don’t just have to settle for a hamburger. They also have breakfast options that they serve all day. The price is pretty reasonable, and you’ll get your food rather quickly. If there’s a big drawback, it’s that Headlines doesn’t make milkshakes, and it looks and feels like the kind of place that should. The burgers would go down much better with a chocolate shake than they do with a kiwi strawberry Snapple.

Headlines Diner
10922 Kinross
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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