Restaurant Review #42: The Slice, Santa Monica

Mmm, canned mushrooms

I have problems knowing when I am hungry. Often, my stomach does not growl. I just find myself in an extremely foul mood for no apparent reason except that, say, Bed Bath and Beyond is a nightmarish place to shop. So I went to The Slice for lunch the other day in an attempt to thwart low blood sugar before it could attack my generally good nature.

There is nothing exciting about The Slice, but $2.25 for a hot vegetarian lunch on the go is not bad, although it's not a particularly large slice, as you can see. Most people would probably need 2 or more slices to fill up. They have a short list of pizza options: cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, and Hawaiian. They also have some non-pizza things, like calzones and salads. The toppings are all standard, there is nothing gourmet about them. The crust was perfectly baked, not burnt at all, thin and crisp (not to be confused with that thin and crispy matzo style crust crap), and with that fresh watery salty yeasty flavor that I love so much about any good piece of bread.

The Slice is nothing worth going out of your way for, but it's good for a quick lunch, and definitely better than your national pizza chains if you want a pizza delivered. Abbot's Pizza is a lot more exciting and has slightly larger slices which are priced accordingly (a slice of BBQ chicken was about $3.25, I think).

You won't want to eat in here--they have greasy formica tablebooths like Subway, but in red and green. Eh.

A slice from The Slice

The Slice
1600 Block of Ocean Park
Also 900 Block of Wilshire
Other locations? Probably.

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PaulF said...

There are two other locations, one in Playa Vista and the other on Wilshire.

FWIW - Everyone I know eats at The Slice because they sponsor every baseball league, soccer league, and school in Santa Monica just about.

I always order a buffalo chicken sandwich (breast of chicken done in hot buffalo wing sauce) but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

Mostly, it's a kid place. Back patio is for parties. It's across from John Adams Middle School and it fills up after school for a while.

We go after practice, usually between 7 and 9. Nice for kids, wouldn't take the wife there on a date.