Restaurant Review #55: Messob, Fairfax, Little Ethiopia

Vegetarian sampler for two, as always

To be honest, too much time passes between my visits to different Ethiopian restaurants for me to be able to compare them very well. However, Messob is not one of my favorites for several reasons.

Of the five different dishes that come in the vegetarian sampler, one was a salad of just lettuce and tomato. I can make that at home, and it doesn't taste very good wrapped in injera. Another dish was cold pieces of injera with tomatoes and some kind of sauce. Mmm, injera with more injera! No thanks. The lentils and collard greens were good, and the fifth dish, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots, came separately from the rest of our meal--I guess it was taking too long to cook--and, while the cabbage was good and had some flavor from the spices, the potato and carrots were basically just big chunks of steamed potato and carrot. Not too flavorful.

The restaurant was about half full on a Friday night at 8:00. It does have standard Ethiopian restaurant decor, but the lighting was yellowy and gave the restaurant a sort of dingy look, even though it seemed clean.

1041 S Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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