Restaurant Review #69: Baja Fresh

When I was a newbie to LA, I used to really like Baja Fresh, largely because they had three different kinds of salsa and understood the value of limes. I've recently changed my mind though.

But wait--why am I reviewing a fast food restaurant?

1. it's expensive for fast food and for the portions ($8-9 for a burrito and a soda)
2. the tortillas are crispy
3. a black bean burrito made me sick to my stomach for several hours.
4. Baja Fresh, unlike McDonald's, is a regional fast food chain, which means that those of you who are new to the area may not have eaten here.
5. The salsa is not particularly good, and one of them tastes like burnt...nothing. Just burnt.

My advice? Skip Baja Fresh and visit an authentic hole-in-the-wall instead. You're no more likely to get sick, and the food will probably be better and cheaper.


Anonymous said...

Amy, I am generally in agreement, but just want to say that their brown salsa was very good. It was tightly run. Unfortunately, now that Wendy's owns them the salsa and food are inconsistent. I was at the one in Venice during lunch time a few days ago. They had just one other patron. Too many more bad experiences and I won't go again either.

monkuboy said...

I agree with your assessment. Another thing I'd like to add is that their tortilla chips are horrible. That's one way you can judge a Mexican restaurant, by the quality of the tortilla chips and theirs are like the Wonderbread of the Mexican food world. I also liked your "burnt" salsa description. It looks so good but tastes exactly like you said!