Restaurant Review #71: Spumoni, Santa Monica

I almost never go out for Italian, because it's so cheap and easy to do at home. In fact, probably at least half of my daily meals are either pasta or pizza (it's my secret to staying so slim). There is definitely a difference between restaurant Italian and slapped together on a weeknight Amy Italian, but there's even more of a difference between the invisible hamachi in my fridge and the sushi at Kiriko, so Kiriko and it's many cousins tend to win out 95% of the time.

I was curious about Spumoni though because of the incredible garlic aroma I smelled whenever I walked by, so I finally caved.

Though Spumoni seems to specialize in gnocchi (they have a whole page's worth of gnocchi entrees), what I really wanted was a pizza--an artichoke heart and garlic pizza, to be specific. Yum. Pizza bliss. It was served piping hot and had plenty of cheese, just the right amount of garlic, and, unlike most places, they didn't skimp on the artichokes at all. I also had leftovers for two more meals.

Spumoni doesn't have the greatest atmosphere, and it's usually crowded, but when all you want is a good, filling, reasonably priced meal, Spumoni is perfect.


713 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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Anonymous said...

The food is good but the wine is $$$$$$$$$. A corkage that used to be $5 is now $20. Try Rosti down the street for a free corkage although the food isn't as good.
Give the customers a break when they bring something that is great and not knocked up 300%.