Restaurant Review #62: Ocean Avenue Seafood, Santa Monica

Ocean Avenue Seafood is not a restaurant I would have picked out myself, but it wasn't a bad place to have someone else take me. The interior is nice and very warmly lit. The restaurant is quite large, and on a Friday night, it was sometimes hard to hear my friend over the general noise of the other diners. The service was polite and friendly, and the food was good, though it didn't wow me. I had ordered a caesar salad for an appetizer, and was disappointed to get whole hearts of romaine, which are very veiny (I don't like lettuce veins) and difficult to eat. I felt ridiculous cutting my salad with a fork and knife, but there was no other way to eat it. I enjoyed my salmon entree, but can't remember the specifics of it, and the online menu is incomplete. For dessert, I had a chocolate macadamia nut torte, which was tasty but became mysteriously tough and chewy while it sat there, waiting for me to eat it.

As a bit of trivia, Ocean Avenue Seafood is owned by the same company is the nearby I Cugini.

Ocean Avenue Seafood
1401 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401

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