Restaurant Review #64: Key Club, West Hollywood

I went here for a friend's birthday party for a night of dinner and dancing. I didn't quite have the normal club experience because I was there for a party, but I'll share anyway.

We arrived around 9:00 and were seated at our two reserved tables. They seem to only have round tables, which don't push together well for large parties, but it's not like you can talk to someone at the other end of a long table anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter. However, as someone who ended up sitting in the table crack, I'd have to say that I would have preferred a long rectangular setup.

By about 9:30, the music was already turned up so loud that it was difficult to carry on a conversation, which is unfortunate given that most people are not dancing at 9:30, nor do they want to be. Fortunately, my food was much better than I ever would have expected from a club. I think there was a $25 minimum per person, and not much in the way of vegetarian options--the sole vegetarian entree was...drumroll please...pasta! I had some sort of tuna sashimi dip with fried wonton chips that was quite good, and I am picky about my sashimi and generally not a tuna fan, either (note: this dish is no longer on the menu). The dish was also well-presented. I also had the spinach and artichoke dip, which was a delicious heart attack in a dish.

Saturday nights seem to have a hip-hop theme, which doesn't really entice me to dance, so I didn't. They had a large screen that plays music videos, which I think is tacky and distracting. Isn't the point of going out to dance and socialize, not to stare at a screen?

After dinner, my group got a table downstairs, with the usual ridiculously expensive bottle prices ($250 for Absolut? Ha, ha). It seemed a bit quieter in this area, as I think we were below the dance floor.

They were out of mint, so I couldn't have my usual mojito (sigh), and the drinks were pretty small. The service was average to slightly above average.

The interior is pretty nice, and there is no cover if you get there early enough. They also have limited valet parking next door, for a charge (it may have been $10). I wouldn't complain about going back if someone else had a party here, but if I were just to pick a place to go for a night out on the town, or if it were my party, I'd try something new. However, I'm really not into the Hollywood scene, hip-hop, or loud, large, expensive clubs, so I'm not the best person to ask.

Key Club
9039 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069 (but it's really part of Hollywood, fyi)

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